Liquid State Press Release #1

For immediate release on Wednesday 10 April 2013





Australian company, Liquid State, will launch its digital publishing system next week.

Liquid State is a collaborative publishing system for small to medium publishers and authors. It provides users with a simple, fast and economical way to create, manage, and produce digital content.

Liquid State is a cloud-based software platform designed to produce and publish digital content to desktop and mobile devices. No other publishing system has this level of cloud-functionality, making Liquid State a unique system.

The Liquid State platform is also unique because it covers the complete publishing workflow. It is the only publishing system in the world to encompass the five key stages of the publishing process.

All publications created using Liquid State are completely responsive to different screen sizes. This enables publishers to lay their content out once and then flow it into multiple devices. Existing systems require publishers to redesign their content for each device.

The Liquid State platform is easy to use because content specialists build the content directly within the cloud, therefore eliminating the need for designers or coders. Other digital publishing systems require high levels of experience and knowledge of coding and content creation.

Philip Andrews, Liquid State CEO says the platform is ‘unique and innovative, as well as democratic. Liquid State means that the traditional publishing gatekeepers have less control over what gets published’.

The Liquid State system removes the current obstacle of a high buy-in price, and the expense of employing technical expertise, making it an affordable digital publishing solution.

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