Media release #1


For immediate release Wednesday, 19th August, 2009



Suicide in Fiji is a prevalent and profound concept of life. Home to the highest youth

suicide rate in the world, the South Pacific region needs your help.

For people aged between 15-24 in this community, suicide is the leading cause of death.

Together with Lifeline, you can make a difference.

Lifeline Community Care Queensland has established a Fiji development project that is aimed at improving Lifeline facilities in the Fijian township of Ba.

With this planned improvement will come numerous resources for Fijian citizens dealing with the symptoms, causes and grief associated with suicide.

A report released on the 29th of May 2008, entitled “Lifeline Fiji- Development Plan” outlines the vision, objectives and business proposals of the project.

Author of the report, Vanessa Stegman reveals that although there has been an established Lifeline centre in Ba since 1993, the organisation has faced a number of difficulties.

Financial problems, a severe lack of training and support for volunteers, administrative complications and an absence of property have all been a hindrance to the work of Lifeline Ba.

All counselling offered by the independent organisation is “provided from a small group of volunteers in Ba”, said Ms Stegman and the limited telephone counselling is conducted from the home of one of the volunteers, Mrs Pushpa Nair.

Lifeline Community Care Queensland hopes to establish “a self-sustaining National Lifeline Family Centre in the township of Ba, with a branch Centre in Suva, which will advance the provision of counselling services and the training of counsellors both within the Lifeline organisation and throughout other sectors of the Fijian community…”

It is the vision of Lifeline Community Care Queensland to institute a facility where one-on-one counselling can be provided. Continual tuition for volunteer counsellors is imperative.

With your help, all of this can be achieved. Donations can be made to Lifeline Community Care Queensland by way of direct deposit or mailed donations. You can choose between bestowing a single donation to the cause, or donating as little as $2 a fortnight to the organisation.

Help make a difference.



For further information or comment contact: Annie Lyon, Lifeline Australia, 07 5569 0338 or 04 2193 3449

Media Contact: Annie Lyon

Ph. 04 2193 3449 or E-Mail

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